How to find energy to act?

When at work, have you ever faced the problem of not having the necessary energy to continue with your work after several hours at office? Monotony makes us tired. We lose the will and the energy to work. What should we do in such a situation?

When at work, have you ever faced the problem of not having the necessary energy to continue with your work after several hours at office? Monotony makes us tired. We lose the will and the energy to work. What should we do in such a situation? Well, it is easy to say that we should simply stop complaining and start functioning normally. The most difficult thing is to find a source of energy – to find something that will motivate us to work. Such inner motivation would help most kinds of employees, especially office workers. In this article, we are going to discuss the issues of finding energy to work and eliminating corporate laziness. How to achieve these two goals? We provide the answers in the following lines.

The notion of having energy to act

The notion of having energy to act can be interpreted in various ways. This energy can refer to the motivation which we have during the fulfillment of our tasks, not only those related to our professional job, but to our family as well. We have more energy and will to work if our employer knows how to strongly motivate us. However, if we do not even get praised by our employer for our hard work, why should we make the effort? In such a situation, most of us think that our work is pointless, and that there is no need to devote too much energy into it. It is hard to find energy to work when nobody really tries to motivate us. Therefore, it turns out that energy can be associated with motivation, however, can it be connected with something else?

The answer is – of course. The energy to act can be associated with our inner strength, our passion. Not many people get to work at a job they truly like. However, if you belong to this small group, you may draw energy from the sole fact that your work brings you pleasure. Generally speaking, it can be stated that people who like their work, who find self-fulfillment in it, and who realize their ambition through it can work more and still do not feel exhausted by the abundance of new tasks. Such people treat larger projects as challenges that test their skills. At the same time, these challenges give them the opportunity to extend their knowledge and gain new skills – and these are also significant profits.

We can get an additional doze of energy if we notice the effects of our work. In a company, such effects can be visible in the reaction of our clients, or in the warm words of our superior. For construction workers, the source of energy can be in the sight of a newly constructed office building or a family house. We could point to many such situations, but we think that all our readers know what we mean.

Now that we know what energy to work is, we are going to discuss how to increase the level of our energy at work and in professional life in general. There is no need to drink excessive amounts of coffee or energy drinks. There are far better methods, and we will now describe them briefly below.

Step one – physical activity

We should change our lifestyle and become more active physically. Swimming, running, and walking not only improve our appearance and health, but also give us more energy and increase our stamina. It is an illusion when we feel that physical exercises drain our energy. The truth is that morning gymnastics or a short jogging session before work have a positive influence and give us the necessary energy to work. It is best to regularly practice physical activity outside, where there is fresh air. Why? Physical exercises help our respiratory system. They improve our blood circulation and simply make us feel better. When we get physically tired, our body creates endorphins, so the hormones of happiness, and if we are happy, we are full of energy.

Step two – water, water, and even more water

Drinking non-carbonated mineral water in high amounts also leads to the increase in energy. This has been proved scientifically. Unfortunately, most Europeans suffer from dehydration, though they are very often unaware of this fact. This happens because we very often confuse thirst with hunger. Moreover, the contemporary high speed of life makes us somehow forget about the necessity to drink specific amounts of water every day. The next dangerous thing is the habit of drinking tea or coffee instead of mineral water. Stimulants such as these two instead of increasing the level of water in our body cause dehydration. We cannot neglect this state of our organism because this not only steals our energy but also very negatively influences our health. Moreover, we also do not encourage to satisfy thirst through drinking alcohol, even if the drink does not have high amounts of %. We have to remember that our body loses significant amounts of water in order to get rid of alcohol. In consequence, we lose energy and feel weak. What is more, drinking carbonated drinks is also a bad way to increase water levels because such liquids increase the level of acids in our body.

Step three – have some rest during the day

None of us is a machine. We cannot work constantly for the entire day. We need at least a few moments of rest in order to regenerate our strength and energy. If we want to gather strength to action, we should lie down for a couple of minutes after dinner or start meditating. We will surely feel better after a few minutes. We will feel rested and relaxed, and we will find the energy and the will to work.

Step four – regular eating

We live very fast, often without the time to eat breakfast or dinner. We eat on the move and waste our money on fast food which does not help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. By eating such meals, at irregular hours, or by forgetting to eat at all, we lose energy. We feel weak and discouraged to do anything. If we want to begin our day in a good mood and be full of energy, we should eat a proper breakfast. A coffee and a toast, eaten somewhere in a fast food diner while standing near the door, cannot be treated as a substitute to a proper meal. If we eat a good nutritious breakfast before going to work, we can be sure that we will have the energy to act for the entire day. At the same time, let us not forget about the importance of a proper dinner, or at least a light lunch. It is best to prepare such a meal at home or to go to a home food restaurant. At such a place, we will surely find something tasty and healthy to eat.

Step five – a balanced diet

Since we are already talking about food, it is worth to mention that our meal should consist of appropriate ingredients. If we want to have a lot of energy to work, we should eat a lot of wholemeal foods and add fruits and vegetables to our everyday diet. At the same time, we should gradually eliminate monosaccharides from our diet, or at least reduce their levels. They negatively influence our strength, and our aim is, of course, to increase its level, not to lower it.

Specialists in the field of medicine claim that in order to maintain a high level of energy during the day, we have to work on establishing a stable level of sugar in our blood. We must not eat a lot of sweets at work because this results in the rapid growth of sugar levels, but only for a very short period of time. Though at the beginning the rise in the level of sugar does result in a better mood and in the the illusion of having more energy, this state lasts for a very short period of time. Once sugar levels return to their previous state, our energy is lost, and we feel totally exhausted. In order to stabilize sugar levels, we have to eat a lot of wholemeal foods because they gradually allow sugars to enter our blood as hours pass. Thanks to that, we feel much better and we maintain energy to act for a longer period of time. Moreover, if we introduce fruits, vegetables and sprouts into our everyday diet, we enrich our meals with important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and water – all of which are essential for the proper functioning of our organs.

Step six – do not get stressed!

Stress consumes so much energy that later on we do not find any more strength to work. Therefore, we should do everything to avoid any quarrels because they consume our energy. If we deal with permanent stress, we have to seek out this energy to work every day – and we usually end up unsuccessful. When we are stressed, we do not want to do anything. We have to learn to overcome this feeling if we are to have any energy at all.

Step seven – proper motivation

If we learn the techniques of self-motivation, we will be able to add ourselves significant amounts of energy. We will find this energy in ourselves. In order to find the best possible methods of motivation, it is good to read through appropriate literature or articles devoted to the subject. In such works we will find solutions to this issue.

It has to be stated that our energy levels influence not only the quality of our work, but also our entire life – even our ability to draw pleasure from positive events; our ability to play and feel happiness. The energy accumulated within ourselves and which we draw from our surroundings defines our personal motivation and overall effectiveness. An increased level of energy makes us more creative. We work a lot more effectively and this results in real benefits – bonuses or prizes at our job. As it was stated earlier in this short guide, there are many factors that influence our energy levels. Some of these factors increase the amounts of our energy. They make us want to do more, take up new challenges, and work harder in order to realize our projects. There are also these factors which push us towards laziness and low effectiveness. These negative factors have to be eliminated as soon as possible because they lower our energy levels and make us feel exhausted. It is best to focus only on those factors which can become the source of our energy. This may not be, of course, an easy task to perform, however, let us not forget that practice makes perfect. Therefore, let us practice, practice, and practice even more. After some time of such hard work we will surely notice a significant increase in our energy levels.