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TaskBeat relies on an innovative algorithm to intelligently suggest the most prioritized work among multiple projects and milestones, allowing you to focus on the right tasks each day.


In addition to the application, you can order an implementation service, training and support for your team, so you can teach your team how to manage projects and take advantage of the full functionality of the system


You can freely extend the functionality of the software thanks to the open-source code. You can order additional extensions and integrations necessary for the specifics of your business.

Project management

Creative agencies, independent specialists, law offices and consulting agencies build profitable businesses by conducting project management and task management with a professional tool. With the help of the application, our clients conduct effective sales of services, accounting for costs incurred and time worked on a task-based system. Thanks to the application, our clients settle the time and costs of work with clients, professionally invoicing for services rendered according to set fees and budgets.

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Satisfied customers gain real competitive advantage through professional project management, competent order handling and comprehensive customer service

Swedwood Poland
University of Warwick
Bank Zachodni WBK
Vii Medical
Taskscape Ltd
PGNiG Termika
Hotele Accor
Brand Expres

Task-based work

TaskBeat allows you to build a corporate social network containing a set of tools to increase the efficiency of project management and day-to-day office work. You can easily add more people who can work together on tasks by sharing documents, calendars and contacts. Employees can communicate openly with clients through the social network instead of using scattered e-mails.

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Tasks, time and costs

TaskBeat allows billing to customers in a time-and-material model – enabling invoicing for project work actually completed and costs incurred in connection with its implementation. Built-in invoicing functionality allows you to create invoices for customers or export data to an external program.

Employee entitlements

TaskBeat allows for precise employee permissions based on workspaces and individual user roles. In addition, the system allows you to define multiple completely custom workflows for project work or ongoing task-based work.

Settlements with customers

TaskBeat allows employees’ time to be accounted for in a task-based model, allowing clients to reduce the effective tax rate of all employees by preparing time reports in the format expected by tax offices, and in accordance with current legislation.

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