TaskBeat is driven by a clear roadmap that makes the product unique and interesting for some of our competitors to follow. We manage product development using TaskBeat and continue to set standards the new category of productivity applications. The current official roadmap sets goals for the next five iterations, three of which we share with our customers and partners:

1.0 is all about management
Management defined by controlling priorities and controlling budgets. It’s all about taking ownership and responsibility and getting things done. We’ll show some magic on how progresses and budgets can be built.

2.0 is all about collaboration
Collaboration between team members and between teams. Between companies, in your social circles, industries, even with your family members. We’ll show some magic around how people can collaborate.

3.0 is all about engagement
People and their influence on teams, projects and tasks. People as individuals with their own personal goals and careers, feedback and reputation. We’ll show some magic around insights on how people engage with work.