We’re productivity experts who are passionate about making it easier for people to get teams do more. TaskBeat has been built by a small team with a strong culture centered around very disciplined way of building products and high standards of working together. This makes the company particularly challenging and rewarding to work with. The core team has been built by three founders overseeing the work of over 20 top talented specialists working in the Szczecin area (and all over Poland) and delivering market innovations at a break-neck speed.

P.Łukasik – CTO

leading the technology development from the day one. Pawel has been the leading developer of the project, whilst running one of the strongest developer communities in Poland. With access to 300 strong developers Pawel has brought to the company the top talent and right technology.

M.Swebodzińska – COO

leading financial control, management of the company and daily office work. Magda has been superivising all customer relationships as well as relationships with investors and the authorities, managing ongoing work as well as public relations and marketing agencies working for the company.

M.Zagozda – CEO

leading the company strategy, product development and architecture. Maciej has been supervising the direction and tracking development efforts, as well as making choices of providers, leading to timely delivery of the product features, full implementation of DSDM and ITIL processes throughout the company.

The unique team culture is built around our core values:
– There is a clear unity of purpose in the team.
– The team is self-conscious about its own objectives.
– The group has set clear and demanding performance goals
– There is a lot of discussion in which virtually everyone participates,
– People are free in expressing their feelings as well as their ideas.
– There is disagreement and this is viewed as good.
– Criticism is frequent, frank and relatively comfortable.
– The leadership of the group shifts from time to time.
– Each individual carries his or her own weight,

The unique culture allows us to deliver high amount of new features delivered and serve many more visitors per team member than in a typical company.

We’ve been extremely lucky with being able to borrow the best talent from many companies and engage some of the top developers and designers in the area to work on an ad-hoc basis. The company has enjoyed a team of over 20 people who have stayed with us anything between 3 months and 3 years, including specialists who came from the top companies in the region and have been working on TaskBeat on an ad-hoc basis. TaskBeat has also been enjoyed efforts put by over 14 trainees, mostly very young developers who tried their luck with some of our internal projects, received the support from the company and all of them successfully completed their 1mo internships.