The TaskList interface is sits at the core of the interface design of the product, making it very productive for our clients. It’s unique idea is basically to list tasks and projects as lists, nested within each other. TaskList delivers at a glance summary for each task and also each project by dividing information into sections:


Each section concerns different part of a summary: what and when, who and how plus running totals.

1. The yellow section is the basic stuff: what and when. The first column displays number of days until the due date and the second column represents the title of each task or each project
2. The blue section is the who and how. The first column displays the progress: either as accepted by the task owner or calculated in case of projects by looking at the sub-tasks.
3. The green section represents the running totals. Running totals are calculated the same way for tasks and projects representing a roll-up report for all the time, costs incurred in relation to the last update.