TaskBeat implements a system of work that takes people’s engagement to a new level and increases team’s productivity. TaskBeat is an intuitively simple, task manager and a productivity tool that takes a whole new approach to managing work of small teams. Mastering procedural processes and repetitive tasks with checklists allows you to focus on the larger goals at hand. Instead of wasting precious brain cells remembering a process or a request, drop those tasks into a checklist and put your brainpower into the real work.

Checklists are a failproof way to help tackle goals, especially when combined with reminders. Whether that means maintaining a weekly exercise schedule, tackling a home remodel or reading more books, checklists, and reminders will keep you on pace. Therefore TaskBeat is implemented in a flexible way that accomodates many different workflows like waterfall, agile, prince2, ITILv3. It uses a completely new concept focusing your team’s efforts on shared priorities, and makes sure only the right level of detail is displayed at any time.

TaskBeat is a centralised around logical branches of tasks and project. Branching is following fundamental pattern we see everywhere in nature and is applicable to task management because it is how our minds work. An idea spawns more ideas which we tackle it by breaking it down to more manageable ones. With TaskBeat new tasks are naturally grouped in the context which they arise, instead of becoming just another isolated task in a long list waiting to be forgotten. Relationship and priorities between tasks are made visually evident so we’d have a bird’s eye view of the project as we plan and organize the projects. Complexity can be hidden from view as we close the detailed tasks pertaining to a large task.

TaskBeat advanced features combine project management, task management, team management and budget management on just two elegant screens that make all information tightly integrated. With TaskBeat all your data and reports are on just few clicks away, making it easy to keep an eye on the big picture at all times.

Business Execution

Improve your business execution by tracking execution of projects and each task delegated to co-workers. TaskBeat accomodates many workflows from waterfals, through Prince2 and ITILv3, to agile and SCRUM, still leaving a lot of headroom for your own way. Organisations using TaskBeat can easily implement their own workflows, adjusting their businesses quicker with fewer staff and increase the amount of time people spend on critical, value-added work.

Team coordination

Small teams and companies using TaskBeat are able to coordinate work efforts and collaborate from anywhere linking individuals from across different locations and those working on the move. TaskBeat works as a private social network within a company, encouraging communication, promoting focus and engagement. TaskBeat offers collaboration space for all work that needs to be done, including discussions and attachments.

Agile management

TaskBeat brings flexible planning to organisations, so that executives and managers can have a higher degree of confidence that the business is working on the right projects and that the right people are working on those projects. TaskBeat measures progress of the most complex projects using single dashboard with multiple progress bars for each project, task or action and allows changing priorities without lengthy planning.

Budget management

In business, when the going gets tough, the tough have to allocate resources from multiple locations to make sure they reach business goals without breaking the bank. TaskBeat simplifies financial planning for project teams so that managers can easily evaluate market potential and determine the amount of investment needed to bring ideas to market. TaskBeat measures budgets of the whole company using a single dashboard with multiple progress bars representing categories of incomes and expenditure.

Brand interaction

Invite your partners and customers to share projects and progress. TaskBeat gives your customers and potential customers transparency and the ability to interact with you and each other in a manner that will attract more business. TaskBeat collaborative spaces strengthens your brand, because they encourage engagement with people from outside your company in a secure, transparent and professional manner.