TaskBeat is a service that, thanks to the task system, allows you to speed up project management, accelerate customer order processing, and speed up sales and post-sales tasks.

Professionals, freelancers, creative agencies, design studios increase sales by professionally and efficiently completing assignments and tasks requested by clients. TaskBeat helps our clients effectively sell services to manage project and task workflows. With a task-based workflow, companies complete projects faster for clients making fewer mistakes, while being able to charge clients only for actual hours worked, charging in proportion to all labor (changes, corrections) and materials (purchases, fuel) incurred. By tracking actual costs in detail, you can ensure that you will offer your clients the lowest rates for your services, while invoicing for all the tasks that make up the job. Thanks to the detailed organization of work in the task system, customers have an accurate view of what was completed, how long it took to complete each task, as well as what material costs were invested in the order.

TaskBeat is a simple social network-like system where employees can instantly create their own teams and workspaces. Within the workspaces, employees can securely exchange ideas and documents, and quickly conduct arrangements for various projects. The system creates a centralized, integrated and organized database of information and documents. The system provides smooth access to contracts, internal procedures, correspondence, etc., controls the circulation of documents, the status of process execution and improves customer service. TaskBeat also allows the inclusion of customers to track the progress and comment on completed orders, as well as precise billing to customers based on actual workload and costs incurred. With a task-based system, even one-person companies are seeing the benefits of implementation.

TaskBeat provides any organization with access to information on the progress of any matter and easy finding of arrangements and documents. TaskBeat keeps you in touch with your team, customers, suppliers and partners anytime, anywhere. TaskBeat merges information about work, tasks and assignments, while promoting open communication within the team. Users of TaskBeat most often approve the service for: saving time, eliminating errors, increasing efficiency, and maintaining closer relationships with employees, customers and partners.

Better cooperation with customers

TaskBeat supports team execution of ongoing tasks and projects through open communication. With TaskBeat, it is possible to execute orders together with customers, suppliers, subcontractors by defining a list of tasks. Company employees and customers log into a shared panel, enter tasks, work time and costs, and check the progress of the order. Your company’s customers get an excellent tool to monitor the progress of orders in real time. Companies using TaskBeat invoice customers according to tasks, work time and costs. TaskBeat works well for small teams of several people, as well as for organizing work inside departments of larger companies.

Better teamwork

TaskBeat organizes work task-oriented by setting goals for employees and reminding them of upcoming deadlines. In this way, the tool saves time and allows you to work faster and more efficiently. TaskBeat enables open communication: extremely fast and secure exchange of findings, tasks and documents within a team without having to attach all of them to long e-mails. Employees and their supervisors don’t have to waste time waiting for information, hours-long phone calls, exchanging emails or tediously sifting through emails and documents, because all materials are linked to specific tasks. Thanks to a central progress dashboard, every employee in the team has the ability to keep track of ongoing activities within the project or project group in which they participate.

Higher commitment at work

TaskBeat allows you to assign responsibility for each task to a specific employee and set a priority and deadline for completion, so employees receive a clear list of responsibilities and are more committed to completing the work. The system tracks the actual progress of each task, notifies employees of significant progress and deadlines, and allows the findings to be kept within chronologically arranged messages and comments, which are available to employees and supervisors. Since each task has a designated employee to whom the task is delegated, employees enter progress information, report on work time and costs generated.

Higher sales results

The application allows you to record the actual labor hours and costs incurred on each project, so you can invoice clients based on the actual labor and costs incurred. Order management in the form of project management allows you to track all personnel and material costs incurred for each project. This allows small businesses and contractors billed on an hourly basis to invoice clients based on recorded material costs and labor hours invested in the project. By accurately tracking project costs, you can more accurately plan for potential profits and achieve better sales results.

Efficient handling of customer orders

The TaskBeat program organizes the labor and manages the work of each company in a task-based manner, so that the handling of each order and each assignment is carried out in an organized and transparent manner for each employee involved in handling customer orders. Customers appreciate the project-based approach of handling orders, so they can more easily determine the progress of an order and are more likely to place follow-up orders. TaskBeat allows any company to quickly find all arrangements conducted with the customer, and thus make fewer mistakes and complete orders much faster. Many users of the system admit that TaskBeat is a key system for improving service quality and customer retention.

Efficient project management

TaskBeat is a central repository for all projects carried out by a company. The program facilitates efficient registration, prioritization and delegation of projects to work teams. The application allows you to break down (decompose) projects into individual stages and subtasks. The ability to decompose projects into separate works gives employees a better view of the specific steps needed to complete a project, and managers a better view of the overall progress of each project. With the proprietary concept of calculating progress based on task statuses, the current progress of each project can be easily determined, and ongoing and delayed project milestones and tasks can be found.

Efficient management of budgets

TaskBeat analyzes company finances in real time and shows summaries through a single and convenient screen. The application shows the company’s budget on a single screen using data on planned and realistically incurred expenses. In the income statement, TaskBeat allows micro and small businesses to make comparisons of the revenues achieved by the form and the costs incurred to obtain them in terms of the entire business, as well as individual projects and orders. The application allows efficient development of the company’s budget, entering costs on a project or budget basis, as well as automatic import of payments registered in the company’s bank accounts. By controlling budgets, the application allows you to prepare a business plan, as well as plan and maintain financial liquidity.

Best search engine

Thanks to a custom search system, the application allows instant access to any task, contact, sheet, finding or note that has been recorded by employees. The search engine automatically returns results by priority (for queries like: all Charles tasks) or by relevance (for example, all tasks with the word: transportation). The search engine’s unique functionality automatically sorts the found cases and tasks from the most important to the least important, and at the same time from the most to the least relevant. With the search engine, the application offers instant access to search results by showing findings and documents that you would never have found before in your file and email system.

Ready-made design templates

We offer our clients the opportunity to start work based on project templates tailored to each company’s individual business profile. With project templates, it is easier to start working with the application, as well as to organize work in accordance with best practices. Prepared and constantly updated project templates work well not only for managing a specific type of project, but also for managing ongoing task work. With project templates, it is easier to implement typical projects: construction, marketing or recruitment, depending on the needs that your clients present when using the system.

High level of security

The application offers data encryption, as well as storage of all information: decisions, messages and files related to the orders and works carried out on a secured server. Our clients’ data can be stored on servers in Poland, Germany, subject to regular security backups that protect the company from losing important data. In this way, the application ensures compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards, protecting information resources from being dispersed across different computers and storage media, and protecting customer data from theft or loss associated with office equipment failures.

Convenient user interface

The application works especially well where project teams manage a large number of tasks running concurrently, both when running a specific project and when running ongoing task work as part of the company’s day-to-day operations. While other popular applications scale only to a few hundred projects and tasks, and become inconvenient once these limits are exceeded, there TaskBeat has been thoroughly tested in real enterprise environments. The application has proven itself in environments of up to 25 employees simultaneously managing up to six thousand tasks within a single organization, with no reduction in user convenience.

Low implementation costs

The application is offered as a service in a monthly billed service (SaaS) model, which means you can increase or decrease your use of the service at will, paying only for the actual time and scope of access to the service. By renting the application, our customers bear less risk associated with the purchase of the application, and can flexibly adjust their fees as their needs evolve. By using software as a service, customers can reduce the initial cost of implementation by up to a hundred times the one-time purchase price of a license or one-time implementation.

Open technology

TaskBeat uses powerful and open technology that allows dedicated installations, integration with multiple systems, and customization of graphic templates to match your company’s corporate identity. Customers are given the option to outsource the integration of the application with a designated system, and in the case of custom deployments they receive access to the source code, which allows them to make modifications to the application on their own. Read more about the technology used in the product.

An eco-friendly solution

Centralized management of projects, orders and individual tasks reduces copies of data functioning within the company, as well as significantly reducing the amount of materials present in printed form, thus significantly reducing paper and toner consumption. In addition, the model of renting the application as a service reduces the need for servers within the company and electricity consumption. It is also worth noting that the data centers in Germany used by the application are maintained mostly from renewable energy sources.