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Duplicate successful projects

There are pleny of toolkits around project management software and the perception is that there’s nothing more to innovate. Successful applications provide however a set of functionalities that actually matter and finding the right combination is both a matter of experiment, and taste frankly. Innovation doesn’t happen by a virtue of any feature, rather than […]

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TaskBeat language selection

TaskBeat adapts the language displayed automatically. It uses the selection of your language based on your browser settings. You can switch language by changing your browser’s settings at any time and when you reload the page, TaskBeat shows applies your settings automatically. To access your language settings in Google Chrome browser you need to scroll […]

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Automatic scheduling

With the new release we’re introducing basic scheduling based on simple time-lines. This awesome feature provides automatic schedules based on a simple task lists. This is the most requested feature that has gone missing in TaskBeat and many competitive products and now is getting implemented the right way. This is a pre-release of the feature […]

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