Changes in time logging

We’ve made some small changes to how the cost logs appear in the application. Before every time someone added a time log to a task, there were two entries on the details screen being added as a result. First detailed the time worked on a task, and the second one added details on the cost corresponding to the time entry. From now on every time entry only display the time entry, and the cost details have been moved to the cost tab.

Further to that we’ve made the cost tab available only for certain roles in the application so that you need the right access level to browse costs logged in each task. This prevents from showing some certain details to all employees. We wanted to hide the hourly rate in specific, as not all of our users prefer this level of transparency whereas everyone knows their rate. The change also means that the task details screen looks much simpler and cleaner making task management slicker.

So now, if you want to try project management with a really simple time sheets, why don’t you try TaskBeat today? TaskBeat comes up with a simple task details panel allowing you not only to log comments against takss but also attach files, cost logs and time logs with each entry making it clear and transparent on the exact details of work being done.