Design evolution

We’ve launched number of designs over the years. The evolution of the TaskBeat website has been progressing alongside with the evolution of the product. The versions of the website improved with our understanding of the product and the market it operates. We’ve been gathering a lot of data alongside the process to improve the idea of how do we present the importance of managing both tasks and budgets in every company.


Today we’re launching another iteration of the webdesign with the objective of bringing more clarity and promoting the content you are most interested in seeing. You will also notice that some of the changes are very dramatic as literally every single page has been analysed and re-created or re-arranged. Following the launch more and more content being migrated and optimised.

We’ll also create a lot more content with even more short articles on management from more editors that we engage in creating our website. The new design has made all that possible without distracting you from the most important features that you have actually been using during recent 12 months of our previous design life-span. You requested more case studies, more tutorials and how-tos and this is all what we want to deliver with the new version.