Duplicate successful projects

There are pleny of toolkits around project management software and the perception is that there’s nothing more to innovate. Successful applications provide however a set of functionalities that actually matter and finding the right combination is both a matter of experiment, and taste frankly. Innovation doesn’t happen by a virtue of any feature, rather than a right combination of all of them.

TaskBeat has been built around some principles that define its unique “taste” and one of the principles we’ve built into the application is the concept of building projects and phases in a hierarchical manner. This however is just a feature, and with no principle doesn’t provide much of a business value. Today we’re announcing a little helper that is just as tiny as important to the overall concept of one could work with TaskBeat.

Therefore today we’re releasing something we think is obvious, yet missing in many products available around: one step duplication of projects. You now select and duplicate any given project, reproducing all project phases and tasks of a project that you have selected as a successful example of something you want your team to reproduce. This tiny feature shows the business value in breaking down large projects into phases and re-using the effort in subsequent projects.

Why would you care? Because duplication of successful projects is very important to any business as running the show basically means “doing stuff that works” and not doing stuff that doesn’t. That seems to apply to any other business, regardless of the specifics. The “projects that work” are build around a hierarchy of phases, tasks and activities that made sense by having the right structure, all the neccessary steps were included. The right structure works essentially as a “recipe for success”.

Seeking the right way of dealing with stuff takes time, but the “best recipies” in project management are different from business to business. Once identified they’re there to be nurtured, duplicated and improved over the time. Therefore every company seeks the set of best practices around dealing with projects, and finding similarities rather than differences even in situations where it may appear that every situation is different.

In order to duplicate a project, find one, hover over until the symbol of options (three dots) appear. Click on the options, select “duplicate” from the menu. Duplicated project will appear on the list with all the phases, tasks and activies laid out for you based on the project you’ve duplicated.