Everything is a process

Everything is a process. Embrace it. The marketing, operations, development is no longer a project, it’s a process.

Everything is subject to continual development, continual improvement, including the work and products of each department. That’s why project management tools fall short at the moment and this is exactly why process management software is on the rise. You can embed Kanban, Kaisen, what have you but the motivation seems the same. There’s always much more to do than it is possible to squeeze in any imaginable time frame. We need the process tools to facilitate the change and not to get overhwelhmed by it.

Increasingly smart organisations move from project management to process portfolio management tools. This change in the direction is where TaskBeat functionality follows providing freedom to structure tasks around processes, and individual endeavours within each process – essentially providing unlimited levels of nesting activities present within each process occurring in a modern organisations. TaskBeat virtually scales to hundreds of simultaneous projects and processes running in parallel.