Getting more

When we’ve first started with TaksBeat we had two junior developers on the team. They actually were good developers however we’ve lost them both just after they’ve completed the first year. By all means one year is a long time at the company changing so fast as we had many more developers who have not been that long and still managed through few product pivots. Back them we knew that we knew to move up the ladder in terms of the core team in our office as the product vision crystalised so we didn’t see that much that as a loss.

In retrospect it was a loss in much more sense than we’ve thought of it back then. There was a lesson learned from the first iteration though as ever before we’ve generally been managing the team with approach that if you hire good people, give them all the software, hardware and office space to adapt to what they need they will turn the product good. It hasn’t worked that way. The perception of their work was poor. We haven’t had a comprehensive view of what they should build and managed them on a week by week basis.

Interestingly years later we’ve found that the guys have received top notch ranks from their new employers and to some extent back then I was quite surprised because I couldn’t imagine them doing so well at any place. Turns out the issues we’ve experienced working with them were all on our part, all down to lack of proper management. We thought we’ve managed them but in fact we’ve just taken a shortcut.

Later on we’ve learned how to manage people more closely, in more controlled manner and get so much more out of them.