New search engine

TaskBeat is now running a powerful full-text search engine. In terms of speed its native code optimisation blows away performance of any MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB performance you’ve seen before but it’s real secret lies in the ranking algorithm.

TaskBeat now introduces a sub-second, full-text search engine. Searching project data is now faster and easier than anything you might be using across local computer or your office network. The new search engine responds to any query by traversing up to 100 thousand documents a second. The engine is much smarter too: by returning results based on relevant tasks, customer info or any part of communication in order of relevance. For example, if you track hundreds of tasks with repeated keywords like “invoice” or “document”, it knows which are more important than other and provides an order list of results – much like google ranks their search results. The new search engine makes TaskBeat the ultimate office information cruncher: not only the tool is capable of exchanging tasks in a large office by keeping track of several thousands (yes, several thousands!) of tasks ordered in narrow hierarchies, but now it’s also capable of finding information and ranking results within blink of an eye making it very convinient and reliable tool for any busy project team out there.