Apr 04

Regular user role changes

There are couple of interesting changes we've made in the access rights space recently. As we continue to enhance the model, there are two important changes that affect the users assigned to the "regular" role in the application. First, as of now "regular" users are required to provide a comment... read more →
Dec 18

New search engine

TaskBeat is now running a powerful full-text search engine. In terms of speed its native code optimisation blows away performance of any MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB performance you've seen before but it's real secret lies in the ranking algorithm. TaskBeat now introduces a sub-second, full-text search engine. Searching project data is... read more →
Apr 20

Unbuffered and transactional

We know you use TaskBeat to organise your companies daily. We also know that the number one feature you love is the ability to find stuff quickly and easily. With each release we have been tweaking the performance of the application and improving it's ability to surface the important stuff... read more →
Mar 24

TaskDetails 2.0

TaskBeat’s task details panel - new look and feel Our design team has been working hard on improving the look and feel of the task details panel which is central for many interactions. The Task Details panel is the centre of management of individual tasks. Much ahead of anyone else... read more →
Mar 22

Task Access Controls

Controlling access to task details is very easy in TaskBeat. Although TaskBeat methodology promotes full visibility of all work to all team members there are ways to limit access to certain tasks using the application. By default TaskBeat provides a very simple model of marking tasks as private via the... read more →
Feb 09

TaskBeat Charts

Ready for some magic? Whatever you do TaskBeat measures and charts productivity of your team over time. You define whatever it's a product, a service or maybe a creative ideas? Charts tell you if you produce good results over time and helps you deliver more.
Jan 21

Announcing TimeLines

Innovative way for presenting schedules TaskBeat announces TimeLines - the quickest way to visualise planning schedules TimeLines are generated automatically aiding managers in visual planning. TimeLines visualise tasks on the current list, showing graphical overview of the work ahead and include visual indicators for... read more →