on premise

Many of our customers love the simplicity of TaskBeat in the cloud offered as software as a service (SaaS). Many of our customers have specific regulatory compliance, security or data privacy requirements. With the on-premise option, you have the full application installed behind your own firewalls, under your own control, which is a very unique offer on the market.

– Meet internal security and compliance mandates
– Adhere to data privacy, data retention and backup policies
– Meet your organization’s service level agreements (SLA’s)
– Choose your own hardware for optimum performance

TaskBeat offered in the on­-premise option is delivered as a native Windows application on one of our HP ProLiant server(s) – starting from as little as $100, or installed on your own machine. Each licence is priced individually and the server is configured to run seamlessly in your data center. All on-premise installations are fully supported with regular TaskBeat product updates and enhancements.