Projects and line activities under one roof

Project teams expect flexible soluton that encompasses all types of work. TaskBeat supports tracking your long haul projects, along with line activities providing one-stop-shop solution.

Many companies mix and match long investment projects with support ticketing system, however tracking work in two separate solution leads to conflicts in priorities. Many years of experience with designing management decision support systems lead us to an conclusion that most of project teams and their employees prefer working with one singular list of priorities. To deliver a singular list we’ve designed as system where all projects, tickets and activities are planned, scheduled and tracked.

As a result of tightly integrated system providing universal solution for prioritizing and scheduling work, project teams can work under reduced stress of multiple focus areas. TaskBeat universal view lists all tasks, in all projects along with unrelated tasks and activities. This means solution that surfaces the most relevant work that in many cases work as an agenda for every type of work happening in a company.