Ten fold the average

2012-07-10 17.25.56

In procedural work the best are twice better than the average. In creative/inventive work, the best are ten fold better than the average. Your management style and the tools you use need to reflect on the importance and the specifics of managing creative work.

It’s not true that no management is the way to go forward, but equally it is important to know where and when to let go. Your ways need to be flexible as should your tools. Transfer the ownership on your creative teams and focus the outcome, not the process.

But hang on a second? Can you give up managing the process entirely and pass it on onto your development team? Sure you can, but you still need someone to organise and pull people in one direction. This actually means more work than you think. It’s not about managing trade union.

It’s about bringing the right technology and right skills to the right areas of project and continually re-syncing the technical efforts to free-up creative skills in your team and letting creatives do what they do best, that is creating. Finding the right guy can be harder than you think.

How can you tell you’re doing it right? Go back to the beginning: watch the outcome, not the process. There’s no single recipie for success but surely there are teams which deliver much faster the right result than other teams. So measure the outcome, compare and improve.

This why you can see team charts in the newest version of TaskBeat. TeamCharts have been designed to let not only managers but also individual team members to focus on what really matters in creative work, that is just outcome, only the bars of output actually posted live.