The data system

TaskBeat database system has been based on a strong data platform. We’ve combined the power and reliability of SQL Server with elements of Elastic Search. In fact we’ve compiled our own search engine based on the core of Elastic Search and re-built it entirely on the native Windows platform, using C# and ensuring consistency between relational database, indexing service and our runtime framework. All three components are running natively and seamlessly on the same Windows technology stack.

As a result we’ve gained quick integration and reliable deployment of our data solution that runs as one on a single server scenario, as well as multi-node scenario. Our developers can deploy entirely custom data solutions quickly and efficiently by using just one language to control all data collections, every data index and all data analytics. Code can be easily integrated without developers having to reach out to different technology stacks like Unix, Java or PHP or having do juggle different data protocols like REST, SQL or JSON.

This provides us with an incredible agility and flexibility in building custom data solutions on top of TaskBeat, providing team analytics like Leaderboards and project analytics like recently announced TimeLines. More importantly this opens a quick path for future development and innovation without having to worry about different constraints imposed by each technology stack. The unified platform solves just many integration issues and ensures speed to the market.