Announcing TimeLines

Innovative way for presenting schedules

TimeLines specification

TimeLines specification

TaskBeat announces TimeLines – the quickest way to visualise planning schedules

TimeLines are generated automatically aiding managers in visual planning. TimeLines visualise tasks on the current list, showing graphical overview of the work ahead and include visual indicators for the whole team.

TimeLines stack individual tasks on a calendar for each team member, showing indicative start and end dates for each task. TimeLine answer fundamental managerial questions:

– when individual tasks are expected to be started and completed,
– when the current task list is expected to be completed by the team.

TimeLines provide very convinient visual overview for a plain task lists across TaskBeat. TimeLines work automatically: without any additional interactions or any additional training required.

With each change to the current task list TimeLines are automatically updated showing the impact of the change on the deadlines and work assignments for individual team members.

TimeLines can be used as an indicator for individual tasks as well as showing end dates for whole projects. TimeLines automatically take into account due dates for critical tasks as well as tasks with sub-tasks.

Managers are free to play around with different task ordering, assinging individual tasks to different people or change time date constraints to find the best result for the project delivery.