TaskBeat is Windows native application acessible with any modern browser. TaskBeat is a native application with rich integration features with platforms like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office. TaskBeat is compiled on the Windows platform using a framework (.NET), saving up to 37 times processor cycles compared with emulated or interpreted technologies (like PHP). This translates into several times lower monthly costs of running server infrastructure in a typical cloud scenario for our customers.


TaskBeat runs natively on top of Microsoft Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2008 R2 Server or Microsoft Windows 2012 Server and can be installed out of the box using just services offered by the Windows Server. TaskBeat can be delivered using a typical user-friendly automatic installer. TaskBeat supports Windows WebFarms for easy scaling onto multiple servers with no additional software purchases or additional modifications.



TaskBeat runs well in the SaaS model out of our own infrastructure or out of choice of cloud platforms like: Amazon or Azure. TaskBeat is also available as a dedicated instance that runs on your choice of hardware. For the best experience TaskBeat recommends Intel hardware and a range of HP ProLiant servers, starting from a 15W 25x25x25cm Microserver box.



TaskBeat is built on Microsoft Framework (.NET). The platform has been chosen as a basis for rapid software development. The platform greatly increases pace of development, integration with a wide range of Microsoft software stacks, supports custom enhancements and the agile development processes (DSDM) that is being used for driving continual product development to date (read more on: Programming TaskBeat).