TaskBeat is an off-the-shelf solution available in the cloud, however, for larger and more demanding customers, we offer our task and project management software along with a suite of services to effectively implement and maintain the solution in a large organization. As a result, based on hundreds of ready-made functionalities tailored to individual customer needs, a fully customized and individualized tool is created, integrated with other IT systems of the organization.

TaskBeat is an off-the-shelf and cloud-based solution, but at the same time with a very high degree of customization capabilities to fit the needs and requirements of a given organization.

As a result of a short implementation project, a fully customized and individualized tool can be developed. The new functions are based on TaskBeat Framework, our proprietary solution for building intra- and web portals. TaskBeat Framework provides a set of predefined business objects, making the implementation of a new system function simple and fast.

TaskBeat includes the following customization options:

– selection of the set of modules and functions available to users
– Integration with other company IT systems
– introduction of proprietary naming of objects, functions and options
– adaptation to the company graphics (CI – corporate identity)
– functions created for individual company needs based on the TaskBeat platform
– flexible, extensive system of defining authorizations

As part of the implementation, we propose to support or perform the following activities related to the launch of the organization’s TaskBeat:

– brief pre-implementation analysis – defining the scope of use of TaskBeat (functions used; groups of application users)
– Training of the customer’s employees responsible for launching TaskBeat
– configuration of application options and settings
– data migration (e.g., importing employee data from an HR system)
– TaskBeat integration with other company IT systems
– develop a model of roles and permissions for TaskBeat users
– customizing the appearance of the application to match the company’s corporate identity
– knowledge transfer to users – training, preparation of instructions and instructional videos
– building on the TaskBeat platform additional functions to meet the needs of a particular company

A key element of the TaskBeat package is its ability to integrate with existing systems currently in place at the company, including ERP or CMS. In this way, TaskBeat will become a natural supplement and complement to existing IT solutions.

The integration will also allow the company to work with a unified database in different tools (e.g., employee list) or create a single collaboration platform, automating the flow of information between different systems (e.g., an employee enters a leave request in TaskBeat, the approved leave is recorded in the HR system).

The TaskBeat interface is implemented in the form of an open API, operating as an accessible WebService for use – so how to use the data available in TaskBeat is left to the discretion of those responsible for developing the system that will use the data.

TaskBeat has several natural points of contact with “traditional” ERP, FI or HR applications, for example.:

– integration with ERP system
– integration with financial and accounting system

TaskBeat is a very intuitive solution to use and getting started with it does not require time-consuming training. However, especially in the case of a large number of people who are expected to use TaskBeat, it may make sense to plan a carefully prepared knowledge transfer.

Depending on your needs, we offer:

– training for users on the functions and processes they use
– preparation of training materials (for the purpose of conducting internal training by company employees)
– preparation of dedicated position manuals
– preparation of instructional videos

– easier and faster to achieve organizational agility with the new tool
– relieve employees of the need for additional internal training
– a higher degree of employee acceptance of the new tool
– facilitate the deployment of new employees to work with TaskBeat in the future

Each company using TaskBeat has the option to choose one of the ready-made color skins, as well as to paste the company’s logo, displayed on each screen under the TaskBeat logo.

In addition, as part of the TaskBeat package, we offer much greater possibilities to customize the appearance (layout) of the application to corporate graphic standards (CI – corporate identity; corporate key visual and other distinctive graphic themes, such as image photos).

Based on the standards provided by the customer, we customize the following elements of the BeeOffice layout:

– login screen
– standard background for all screens
– color range
– usage of the company logo

– a higher degree of employee acceptance of work and data entry in TaskBeat
– seeing TaskBeat as a natural part of the corporate work environment
– graphic consistency with other corporate image media (including the website and other internal and external marketing media)
– promotion of the corporate image in the external environment (in the case of sharing TaskBeat with collaborators, such as subcontractors)

TaskBeat provides a wide range of options for customizing functionality to meet the needs of the company and even the individual preferences of individual users. As a result, a company can benefit from features and roles that further customize TaskBeat to its specific needs.

Individual data display filters
In TaskBeat, each user can define their own filters for displaying data in the schedule, including lists of employees according to self-defined criteria other than those derived from the company’s organizational structure. For example, the head of sales defines for himself a default list view as a list of all people from the sales department and additionally selected associates from the logistics department; for the secretary, on the other hand, you can set a default display of all managers and board members.

Dedicated context-sensitive support
TaskBeat allows you to modify the context-sensitive help texts available to users under the icon with the letter “i.” You can expand them with company-specific information or even completely replace the standard texts with your own. For example, when submitting requisitions, you can add explanations about the purchase approval procedure; and in the IT Licenses module, you can include a contact for the IT department and the IT specialist responsible for managing software licenses.

Custom permission templates and user roles
In addition to a set of typical roles and permissions, TaskBeat includes a special mechanism for creating out-of-the-box roles for users. For example, a supervisor has the authority to approve requisitions, vacation requests and delegations of his subordinates. TaskBeat provides the ability to define an additional role that will allow an authorized user to approve these requests from employees on other teams.

– an even greater degree of customization of TaskBeat functionality to meet the needs of the company
– greater user experience by taking into account individual preferences in data display
– a higher degree of acceptance of employees to work and enter data in TaskBeat due to the availability of assistance prepared specifically for them
– flexible adjustment of acceptance processes, taking into account not only the formal organizational structure

Each company using the TaskBeat suite gets access to an additional test and development system dedicated only to it. The additional system can be used for, among other things, testing and development of new TaskBeat features and training.

Any operation can be performed in the TaskBeat test and development system, just like in a production environment. It can also be connected to other test systems in the company. Depending on the customer’s preference, we fill the additional test and development system with data that is a copy of the company’s real data entered into TaskBeat, or we load the system with fictitious data. The test and development environment is available to the company for the entire duration of the production system subscription.

The test and development system can be used for various purposes
– testing new scenarios of using TaskBeat in the company
– testing TaskBeat integration scenarios with other company systems
– testing new features made available in TaskBeat by the application developer
– conducting training for employees – users of TaskBeat in the company

– greater ability to grow and customize the company’s TaskBeat installation and fit it into the organization’s existing infrastructure
– development of the competence of those responsible for the organization’s IT systems and creation of conditions for independent adaptation and development of TaskBeat in the company
– availability of a free platform to conduct internal training with TaskBeat

TaskBeat, a cloud-based, intuitive and user-friendly solution, does not generate administrative or usability problems typical of “traditional” IT applications.

In the case of large-scale use of TaskBeat in an organization (a wide range of functions and/or a large number of users), we recommend taking advantage of ongoing support in the form of a maintenance contract.

The scope, as well as the method of providing service (service application, e-mail, telephone) is “tailor-made” and agreed individually.

Depending on your needs, the service may include:

– administrators responsible for the company’s installation of TaskBeat
– BeeOffice users

– quick and efficient resolution of administrator/user problems
– constant availability of experienced specialists
– a single point of contact (Service Desk team) regardless of the subject of the request
– service under a fixed contract and SLA provisions (including response time)

Developing TaskBeat with new features is much easier than with many traditional corporate IT systems.

– Many new processes can be made available based on existing functionality (e.g., new types of resources, extending TaskBeat scheduling to more groups of employees)

– We are constantly improving and developing the functionality of TaskBeat . Because it is a cloud-based solution, new features can be used by all customers as soon as they are ready (without the need for a complex and costly upgrade)

– Specifically for your company, we can create and develop any, even the most specific TaskBeat feature

BeeOffice is based on the TaskBeat Framework, a flexible platform for developing corporate intranet and web portals. TaskBeat Framework provides a set of dozens of predefined “business objects” (e.g., organizational structure, employee, order, delegation) that allow you to quickly launch TaskBeat support for new processes.

For requirements beyond the standard application functionality, TaskBeat Framework allows us to quickly implement completely new functions, based on a rich library for developers. This allows us to prepare a dedicated solution in a short period of time, meeting the specific expectations of the company.

– Reduce the cost of launching new features
– Leverage best business practices in the market
– Can be tailored to the specific needs of the company
– Increase user productivity
– Employee satisfaction and comfort