TaskBeat secures contractor-customer communications with encrypted access. It automatically archives selected email correspondence and attachments in a secure manner that prevents alteration or permanent deletion. This ensures that your most important findings and attachments are protected for a minimum of five years in the cloud – regardless of hardware, connection or email system failures. In addition, in the highest subscription plans we provide full encryption of data not only at the stage of transmission over the Internet, but also at the stage of saving it on the production server. Optional data encryption unimpaired insight into the data is available only at the individual request of the customer under the tariff plan: dedicated instance.

As one of the few task management software providers, we ensure that we follow procedures whereby programmers and support staff do not have access to data stored on production servers. This means that your data cannot be viewed by any employee or technical staff – even if access is permitted. TaskBeat ensures that a narrow group of employees have access to production servers. Each time you log in to any production server, it is subject to logging, of which other top technical employees are notified. In addition, as one of the few companies, we support the possibility of colocating instances on one of the supported data centers, including locations such as Warsaw, London or Berlin (by default).

In the dedicated server variant, it is possible to encrypt the data collected on the server, not just the connection to the server. Encryption of data on the server significantly increases security: it protects against viewing the data even if an unauthorized person tried to read the security copy or data directly on the server. Thanks to the market’s unique offering of data encryption at the layer of the database itself, any customer data is unreadable to any user trying to view its contents directly.

We are pleased to announce that our production servers have been upgraded with Microsoft Forefront Security, so that projects, tasks and attachments processed by our system are now protected in terms of antivirus. At the same time, the scope of protection is extended to all of our customers, without the need to pay additional fees for antivirus protection of data and files processed in the TaskBeat system. Microsoft Forefront provides end-to-end solutions across the full range, both locally and in the cloud, to protect users and enable secure access from anywhere. The solutions feature the highest level of security, previously available only to larger enterprises.

TaskBeat is a product of Zagozda sp. z o.o., based in Szczecin, present on the market since 2009. The product encrypts communication between the user and the server with a 128-bit key guaranteed by GeoTrust. All projects and tasks managed on TaskBeat servers are subject to regular backup. A backup of the system from any day, along with a log of user activity on the system, can be made available upon any confirmed request from the customer.