TaskBeat is a project management application dedicated to the Windows Server platform. The application is built on Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft IIS technology, so it is optimized to work with technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft ActiveDirectory, Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Dynamics, while allowing very flexible expansion with new modules and completely free modification of appearance and graphics by interested users.

Constantly updated

TaskBeat is constantly being developed and updated daily with new features and enhancements. All changes are made available to customers free of charge as part of their subscription, at the same time in both Polish and English language versions as part of an automatic update.

Custom extensions

TaskBeat can be extended according to agreed specifications and can import any data from other programs. TaskBeat saves a history of every change made to the data and allows reversal. It also guarantees users a flexible system of permissions.

Choosing a data center

TaskBeat stores its customers’ business data in several server centers, with the customer’s choice of server center. This provides the highest possible guarantee of data security, confidentiality and availability.

Standard technologies

TaskBeat is based on standard technologies, so it can be deployed in any Windows environment, from inexpensive workstations to high-performance servers – without the need for additional licenses, complex installation or server administration expertise. The use of standard Windows technology makes the solution cheaper to maintain than many popular open source solutions.

Convenient update

Installation of the software is done using a regular installer, which reduces the installation and administration time of the application, eliminating the need to involve people with knowledge of server administration. The minimum configuration set does not require the purchase of any additional licenses. Along with the minimum installation, free versions of Microsoft .NET, Microsoft IIS Express, Microsoft SQL Express are available for selection.

The software is built on the basis of the MVC model (Model View Controller), which allows implementations within which the presentation layer (looks and graphics) can be customized by customers according to individual needs by applying their own modifications to graphic templates (HTM, CSS), as well as user interaction (JS). Read more: functionalities – graphic packages.

The software executes in a Windows environment as a native application, thanks to which TaskBeat requires up to 30 times* less resources from the hardware configuration than analogous solutions based on Linux, Apache, MySQL technology, which can also be read directly: the application supports up to 30 times more users than analogous systems based on popular open source sets, with the same investment in server equipment.

The next version of TaskBeat includes optimizations that bring the speed closer and closer to that of a locally installed application on the computer (desktop). We repeatedly compare TaskBeat with applications: Trac, Jira or Mantis in terms of how quickly you find a specific task, how quickly you review the ten tasks in the list. With TaskBeat you can do each of these operations five to ten times faster, and therefore more effectively and more enjoyable.

Developing a tool that outperforms competing products by an order of magnitude in terms of the number of tasks that can be entered, displayed, searched, and most importantly: effectively managed has become one of the main pillars on which we base decisions on the tool’s concept. The concept of an exceptionally powerful and efficient project management tool was already built into the first version of the application and is still taken into account in every decision regarding its further development.

TaskBeat was developed for performance that cannot be found in other tools. Some competing products allow efficient management of hundreds of tasks at most, while most function well for up to a thousand tasks. TaskBeat allows efficient management of up to 15,000 tasks, which works well when the product is used by larger teams or even a small team over many years.

*compiled software executes up to 30 times faster than interpreted software:

TaskBeat recommends HP Professional Line servers. The platform uses HP ProLiant DL300 Gen8 series servers – from the latest generation of HP servers located in data centers in Poland ( and Germany ( For customers choosing dedicated application instances, we recommend HP ProLiant MicroServer servers, which are located directly in our customers’ server rooms.

TaskBeat servers are characterized by high reliability confirmed by Users of the software are assured of availability in excess of 99%, with actual average server availability month-on-month exceeding 99.9%, confirming our efforts to ensure secure and stable access to the service by our customers.