Mar 28

Automating the decomposition of project phases and tasks into a comprehensive set of actionable tasks

We're thrilled to unveil the latest innovation in project management technology, Taskbeat implements a groundbreaking feature of our leading project management software. TaskBeat is designed to transform the way teams approach project planning and execution by automating the decomposition of project phases and tasks into a comprehensive set of actionable... read more →
Feb 15

TaskBeat release 150215

TaskBeat (release 150215) is out in the wild with new performance improvements and bugfixes. New version also enjoys more unified design. With new icons on the task details page matching the design language used on the main toolbar, users should feel more familiar with how the buttons work and feel.... read more →
Jan 31

Performance improvements

TaskBeat has always been about managing large scale task led teams. We've been creating the solution to scale up to thousands, and even tens of thousands of tasks right from the beginning. Performance remains the main topic but only during last few months we were able to push the envelope... read more →
Jan 15

Improved performance

Much awaited TaskBeat improvements have landed. Now, with faster load up times, you can manage literally thousands of tasks without skipping a beat. TaskBeat optimised application, combined with unique functionality of breaking down complex tasks and projects, provide unparalleled productivity for the most busy teams.
Jun 07

TaskBeat goes free

It's been almost 12 months since we've started working on a covert operation called project RED that was aiming to set TaskBeat free of charge for all business users. Today marks the day TaskBeat goes as a free to join services unlocking all premium features to all business users. This... read more →
Jun 03

New front end components

There's been a heavy and radical redesign behind the scenes going last weekend. After long weeks of improving the back-end and the performance it's time to re-fresh some of our front end components. Starting with the new left hand side menu we're also re-wireing the JQuery, through new modal boxes... read more →
May 15

Improved comment management

There's a change in how users can manage task comments. Ever since TaskBeat has been released to public there's a role based security model in place. Users sharing the same role are allowed to makde free changes which promotes open communication and trust within workgroups. Today we've made a small... read more →
May 10

New product logo unveiled

After two years of presence of the market we've decided to simplify and refresh the product's visual identification. Beginning with May TaskBeat will be offered under a brand new logo, as follows: Version 1 Version 2 Version 3
Apr 23

Duplicate successful projects

There are pleny of toolkits around project management software and the perception is that there's nothing more to innovate. Successful applications provide however a set of functionalities that actually matter and finding the right combination is both a matter of experiment, and taste frankly. Innovation doesn't happen by a virtue... read more →
Apr 10

Changes in time logging

We've made some small changes to how the cost logs appear in the application. Before every time someone added a time log to a task, there were two entries on the details screen being added as a result. First detailed the time worked on a task, and the second one... read more →