TaskBeat release 150215

TaskBeat (release 150215) is out in the wild with new performance improvements and bugfixes.

New version also enjoys more unified design. With new icons on the task details page matching the design language used on the main toolbar, users should feel more familiar with how the buttons work and feel. We’ve also unified the look and feel of the customer details page for task details, which was a long outstanding fix in the making.

You can now subscribe a person to a task, even if he/she doesn’t want to receive any notifications from the system. Removing this limitation doesn’t overwrite personal preference settings regarding to whatever subscribed person will receive a notification or not. The change simply lets anyone mark a different co worker as to be subscribed to task changes.

We’ve also added support for the latest Amazon AWS SDK so that now our corporate users can take advantage of either their own SMTP servers, or fall back to Amazon to deliver notifications from the system. Now with a configureable choice explicit endpoints for Amazon servers users can point the system to the exact region matcing their preference.