Calculation engine

TaskBeat provides fantastic task calculation engine that automatically manages progress of small to large projects, including multi-stage, multi-level complex projects that might contain several to hundreds of tasks.

For a long time task managers were only able to capture progress of single tasks, or calculate progress of relatively simple projects based solely on number of subtasks completed in each project.

TaskBeat recognises that not all sub-tasks were made equal. Therefore the project calculation engine takes into account several factors like: progress and estimates of each sub-task or sub-project, summarises totals: total time and total cost.

The project calculation engine provides a number of benefits for project managers and team leaders, as well as greatly aids team efforts in delivering the right results, capturing the actual progress of deliverables more accurately.

The project calculation engine is taking into account that some tasks were made more complext than other, some are lenghty by design, and some other might be expensive, providing project managers with at a glance real-time summaries of project portfolio, with insights into each stage of each project.