Change History


– Added: Support for commas, periods and colons in the Estimated Time, Estimated Cost, Expense and ReferencedTime.
– Improved: update when task deleting and optimization
– Improved: TimeLine after changing task options without page refreshing
– Improved: cost and time format to StringHelper and change formating of date in task details.
– Fixed: decimal conversion (#5589)
– Fixed: Improved API, fixed security bugs


– Improved Timeline holidays support, fixed small bug in NormalSchedule mode, added BusySchedule mode, added timeline colors
– Improved TimeLine Colouring, holidays support for advanced cases, switched TimeLine to BusySchedule mode (please use this mode as primary)
– Fixed: Improved TimeLine mode switch, holidays and TaskList mode
– Fixed: “Procedure or function ‘GetCategoryByID’ expects parameter ‘@CategoryID’, which was not supplied.”


– Changed: Improved TimeLines hiding private tasks
– Changed: Improved TimeLines multi-user display and sorting
– Changed: Improved TimeLines holiday display


– Added: Team member’s holidays table
– Changed: Improved TimeLines calculations with task estimates
– Changed: Improved TimeLines displaying
– Changed: Improved TimeLines performance


– Added: TimeLines 2.0 (beta)
– Added: [login] button on the main page of
– Changed: performance of moneyscore widget, login procedures