TaskBeat Tour - Projects

We do lists. A simple task list is the most natural way of understanding work items to be done in each project. You can browse all your tasks on a taks board, freely define and re-arrange tasks as you project evolves. Each task can be assigned to one person responsible, which promotes ownership and responsibility for each delivery. TaskList shows summary each task in each row. Each row displays: task title, task progress, task owner, as well as summary: the last updated, total number of hours, total amount of costs incurred by each task. Each task item has been designed to quickly provide a sense of what’s happening with each task.

TaskBeat Tour - Details

Navigate quickly. Each task opens a detailed view in a sidebar so you can flip through hundreds of tasks quickly without having to open hundreds tabs or having to open and close different views. Now every member can browse details of each task to get a better understanding of what needs to be done and how the project progresses. Comments, time logs, cost entries, documents build a chronological stream of updates displayed in task details. Detailed view shows what your task is about, who is responsible and when it needs to be done. It also encourages collaboration as anyone can contribute to each task by adding their own comment to each task.

TaskBeat Tour - Task Card

Single task card organises everything about particular work package on one screen. You can flip through task cards faster than using any other tool and you get more clarity thanks to being able to browse updates using specific tabs listing comments, attachments, time logs and cost logs individually. You can even add individual color labels to each task cards, tag it with any tags for faster search and discovery. You can even attach contact data to each task, which helps your sales team to categorise and track sales activities.

TaskBeat Tour - My Tasks

For years companies were struggling to produce a powerful task manager that would be intelligent enough to reshuffle tasks according to what you need to focus on next. A breakthrough technology allows to list any combination of projects, tasks, subtasks, deadlines or meetings on a single list that is always ordered by the right mix of relevancy, priority and importance. Tasks view is customised for each user. Tasks are automatically reshuffled as your business change. Tasks are auotmatically reshuffled every time someone delegates a task to you, every time global priorities change. You can tick off tasks one by one with confidence you never skip a beat on what’s important and relevant to you now.

TaskBeat Tour - Calendar

We do calendars. Calendars are still the most natural and convinient way of spotting all deadlines ahead of time. Take you calendars to the next level with a calendar that takes into account all deadlines for all team members building a global awareness and all projects so that you’re never caught on missing the important deadline. Access task cards directly from calendar. You can still navigate on calendar as you would normally do in any other view in TaskBeat. You can flip through task cards directly from calendar as you would do from using the projects or tasks view.

TaskBeat Tour - Dashboard

Welcome to the most powerful performance analytics in your workspace. Dashboard provide you with unique visual information detailing amount of activity vs measurable results, so that you can see when your team is just busy and when your team churns really heavy and really important tasks with the expected results. Your team is awarded with lots of productity points every time they complete an important project on time and budget. They’re also awarded with some points when they complete small or simple tasks too. Analyse work by status and work by owner. See how many tasks are awaiting start and how many are already in progress. More importantly with unique histograms you can access information on how the allocation by status or by owner changed over time so always know where your team is heading and you can make neccessery workload adjustments as you go.