Unbuffered and transactional

We know you use TaskBeat to organise your companies daily. We also know that the number one feature you love is the ability to find stuff quickly and easily. With each release we have been tweaking the performance of the application and improving it’s ability to surface the important stuff quickly.

Over a year ago we have also improved our sever infrastructure, now running at over 99.9% availability (according to Pingdom) and we have introduced a number of technical solutions to provide the best of both worlds: transactional, unbuffered relational database mixed with non-relational databases to provide accuracy and performance of loading task details and search results.

As a result, we’re now able to run a sub-second search across thousands of tasks in your project on a $200 machine. No, not monthly – that’s one off cost for the whole server! This has been delivered by a mix of relational and non-relational databases available out of the box for each and every customer at no extra charge.

Customers who rent TaskBeat on a per customer per month (SaaS) basis also benefit from extra performance headroom we now have on our production servers and we’re planning to grow that capacity now at least on par with growth of data in our data centres by adding regional installations of TaskBeat in regions close to our customer base.

Searching is complex but when we mean sub-second, we’re serious about it. Wait for it, there’s more. We won’t stop there and continue accelerating with the new version of TaskBeat being tested this weekend, next weekend and the weekend after with minor releases delivered as needed, including intra-day updates. Stay tuned.